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Plate Cleaners and Storage

Magnitek Y-911 WM Wash (Gal,5 Gal, 55Gal)

Magnitek Y-120 Wash (Gal, 5 Gal, 55 Gal)

Magnitek #7000 Blanket Wash (Gal, 5 Gal, 55 Gal)

Magnitek Duo Clean Wash (Low Odor)

Magnitek Auto Wash (5 Gal, 55 Gal)

Magnitek Color Wash Step 1 KOI (5 Gal, 55 Gal)

Isopropyl Alcohol (5 Gal, 55 Gal)

Suncure EC Wash (UV) 5 Gal

Rubber Rejuvenator (Gal, 5 Gal)

Rogersolite (Qt, Gal)

Typewash #177 (Gal, 5 Gal)

LSD Glaze Remover Gal

Hurst #230 Ink Conditioner

Dead Unit Compound

Oxidizing Drier 1#

FTIC (Body Builder, Water Fighter)

GLO (Gel Reducer)

Empty Ink Can (1#.5#)

Gloss Aqueous Coating 55 Gal

Matte Aqueous Coating 55 Gal

Satin Aqueous Coating 55 Gal

Strike Through Dull Varnish

Press Washes and Chemicals

Quality letterpress inks


These third party cartridges are backed by Sun Chemical, the largest ink company in the world.

You will not believe the quality of this product and the incredible savings vs. OEM.

DYC Blankets for Various Presses

We stock various sizes/types of blankets. Too numerous to list.

Ink Additives & Supplies

Webril 4X4 Handi-Pads

Textra Dry Wipes 12X15

Textra Wipes 13X13

Masking Sheets

Clean Up Sheets


Paper Goods

innovative formulations

Putz Pomade 15 1/4 oz

Febo Clean 2000 2 lb

Vanson Easy Street 10 oz

Hurst #14 Blanket Hardener 4 oz

Rycoline CCRC (Chrome Roller Cleaner) Qt

Pro 10 Roller Cleaner

MRC (Metering Roller Cleaner) Gal, 5 Gal

Blanket and Roller Cleaner and Conditioners

Fountain Solutions


Burnishine Plate Care Qt

Varn True Blue Qt

Gum Arabic Qt

Prime Duplicator Fountain Solution Gal

Green Diamond 251 Fountain Solution 5 Gal

Rycoline/Sun #227 Fountain Solution 5 Gal

Green Diamond AR 5 Gal

Anti-Foam X-96

Cartridges for Wide Format (Epson,Roland,Mimaki,Etc)

Disposable Gloves  Box/100   (LG, XL)

Super Tough Hand Scrub  (64 oz, 4 gal)

Tough Scrubs in a Bucket (Wet Towels)

Pink Pressroom Cleaner (Qt, Gal)

RycoKleen Pressroom Cleaner (Qt, Gal)

Hurst #20 Pumice Powder

Padding Compound White (Qt)

Static Tinsel 24 Yd

Thermal Deletion Pens

Sucker Feet (Various Presses)

Cat Whiskers (Various Presses)

Oxy Dry Spray Powder

Stay Open Spray  12.6 Oz

Anti-Skin Spray  12.6 Oz

Spray Adhesive #66  11 Oz

Sprayway Glass Cleaner  19 Oz

Sprayway #945 Silicone Spray