offset & letterpress inks

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Letterpress Inks that stay open like a Rubber Base but dry like an Oil Base. The best of both worlds!

Inks formulated to fit your need, and color matches to please your customer! Made by an INK Company.

Southern ink is a family-owned and operated INK company. We aren't a printer trying to sell you our excess inventory. We have been working with printers to provide them with quality inks for over 16 years. We understand the make-up of inks and how to make them perform for a wide range of applications. We will happily answer any questions or fill special orders to the best of our ability. Please contact us with your needs.

Letterpress Ink in tubes, tins, jars or cans!

Our Letterpress Inks in Tubes have really proven to be a hit! Our customers like that they can order a smaller quantity of any ink they want at an affordable price. PMS blends of any color with no worries about the color matching. 

Our Letterpress Inks are available in convenient packaging and sizes to fit your needs. 3.5 oz. jars, 5oz tubes, 8oz tins, and 1#cans. Formulated to perform on all Letterpress equipment and proven by printers just like you! Formulated by an actual ink company!


Letterpress ink!!